22 OCTOBER 1944
First Lieutenant James F. "Scotty" Scott, [awarded the Silver Star for this mission. [Orders] pilot of "Daylight One Three", departed Middleburg Island at 0645 with instructions to cover strikes along the Northern coast of Ceram and in general keep sharp lookout  for any survivors who might have gone down in this area. Lieutenant Scott searched hundreds of miles of coast line. At 1445, he received a call that an A-20 had gone down in the entrance of Ambon Bay. Lieutenant Scott proceeded to that area, finally sighting an oil slick and mirror flashes approximately two miles south of Alang, on the Southwestern tip of Ambon Island. Lieutenant Scott taxied to the survivor and took his aboard. The survivor, Captain W. L. Davidson, 775th Attack Squadron, pilot of the A-20 had been forced to ditch his plane following severe damage by enemy fire. His gunner went down with the ship. Fighter cover had departed at 1400 due to lack of sufficient fuel to continue protecting the rescue plane. At 1605, as take-off was underway, the chatter of serial machine guns and splashes in the water around the rescue ship drew their attention to the Jap fighter who was attacking them. The Jap made two more passes as the rescue plane became airborne, but the cool-headedness of Lieutenant Scott and the employment of skillful evasive action prevented the Jap from effecting a kill. With full throttle Lieutenant Rauschkolb piloted his plane into a convenient cloud bank and escaped. One hour later he broke out of the clouds beyond the reach of the Jap fighter, and set course for his base, arriving at 1930 with an estimated ten minute supply of fuel. Total time in the air was 12 hours and 15 minutes. The spot where Captain Davidson was picked up was but a few miles from the Jap strips near Laba and Naroakee.

[Read a news article in the Milton Eagle (Milton-Freewater, Oregon) about this rescue]

RESCUED A-20 PILOT:  Captain W. L. Davidson - 775th Attack Squadron 

USAAF SERNO: 44-33878 (CV-328)**
CALLSIGN:  "Daylight 11"
(Pilot) 1st Lt. James F. Scott, (Co-Pilot) 1st Lt. Frank Rauschkolb; (Navigator) 1st Lt. Frank W. Abele, (Radar) Staff Sergeant Arthur E. Goldenbaum, (Radio Opr) Sergeant William A. Allman, (Engineer) Private First Class Needham B. Stuart Jr.


The narrative of these rescues was compiled and published in April 1946 from logbooks of pilots, notes, letters, and other
information by secretary Marina G. de Guzman in Pampanga, Philippines.

  * Aircraft produced at Canadian Vickers Ldt, Cartierville, Quebec, Canada
** Canadian Vickers contract number that was unique to each aircraft produced by at the Cartierville, Quebec plan


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