05 JANUARY 1945
First Lieutenant Frank Rauschkolb, pilot of "Playmate Three Six", departed Middleburg Island at 0650 and effected rendezvous with fighter escort at Bontaran Island at 1100. At 1133, he received a message from a B-25 advising that their plane was so severely damaged that they would have to ditch about 20 miles off Tifore Island on a heading of 120. He received another message that a B-25 was down on the water one mile off Manado in the Celebes. (see in flight photo) Lieutenant Rauschkolb advised the Squadron leader to maintain contact with the downed flyers until he could get there. At 1150, he sighted a B-25 which led him to the "Snafu" off Manado. Lieutenant Rauschkolb landed in very rough seas and effected the rescue of the six members of the crew. During the loading operation, shore batteries fired on the Catalina. The last rounds fired fell within 15 feet of the port wing. Approximately 50 rounds were fired. Lieutenant Rauschkolb landed at 1216 and took off at 1125 while under heavy mortar fire. The six surviving crew members of B-25 #131, 100th Bomb Squadron, 42nd Bomb Group were: Lieutenant Shields, Lieutenant Nulhorn, Lieutenant Nussar, Staff Sergeant Thurston, Staff Sergeant Vaughn, and Staff Sergeant McGuire. Lieutenant Shields suffered injuries to his legs and Sgt Vaughn was injured about the face and arms and also in shock. Both injured men were administered restoratives and emergency treatment and then made comfortable.

At 1230, Lieutenant Rauschkolb made contact with the other crew near Tifore Island and at 1315 sighted the crew down in life vests at 01 degree N, 125 degrees 40'E. He landed at 1330 and took three survivors aboard, taxied to another survivor and took him aboard. Due to heavy load, it was necessary to jettison 500 pounds of equipment. After a long run, take off was accomplished at 1335. Lieutenant Scott searched the area until 1450 without sighting the remaining survivor. Due to a shortage of fuel and the serious condition of three survivors, it was necessary to discontinue the search and return to base. The survivors of B-25 #001, 75th Bomb Squadron, 42nd Bomb Group were as follows: First Lieutenant Beaumont, Technical Sergeant McTier, Corporal Gunlu, and Staff Sergeant Updike. The co-pilot, Lieutenant Dean, apparently went down with the ship. Lieutenant Beaumont was severely injured about the face, head and body. Emergency treatment was administered to all survivors with the addition of hot coffee and stimulants.

Lieutenant Rauschkolb landed at Mar Strip, Sansapor, at 1800 and unloaded the survivors into a waiting ambulance. The entire mission was completed in 11 hours with a total of 17 men rescued, five while under heavy enemy fire. Both B-25's went down immediately, one mile off the target while the second made it about 60 miles before ditching.

RESCUED B-25 CREW: 100th Bomb Squadron, 42nd Bomb Gp.
Lt Shields
ieutenant Nulhorn
Lieutenant Nussar
Staff Sergeant
Staff Sergeant
Staff Sergeant

RESCUED B-25 CREW: 75th Bomb Sq., 42nd Bomb Gp.
Lieutenant Beaumont
T/Sgt McTier
Cpl Gunlu, and S/Sgt Updike

44-33882 (CV-336)**  
"Playmate 36"
(Pilot) 1st Lt. Frank Rauschkolb, (Co-Pilot) Captain Bill Helmantoler, (E) T/Sgt Leroy Rose

The narrative of these rescues was compiled and published in April 1946 from logbooks of pilots, notes, letters, and other
information by secretary Marina G. de Guzman in Pampanga, Philippines.

  * Aircraft produced at Canadian Vickers Ldt, Cartierville, Quebec, Canada
** Canadian Vickers contract number that was unique to each aircraft produced by at the Cartierville, Quebec plan


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